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Calicut University PG Admission 2013 Started- Last date extended to: 26/08/2013

Last date extended to 26th Aug 2013

Sub: Schedule of Admission of Students to 1st Semester M.A/M.Sc/M.Com/ M.LISc
and Ist year BLISc courses in the affiliated colleges and Programmes under CCSS
in the University Teaching Departments during 2013-2014 Academic year

1.Date of commencement of issuance of application
forms for admission – 05.08.2013 Monday
2. Last date of issue of application forms and receipt of
filled applications in the Colleges and Department
Offices – 17.08.2013 Saturday
3. Date of Publication of First List consisting of sure and
supplementary lists of candidates selected on the
Notice Board of the College and Departments – 24.08.2013 Saturday
4 Last date for dispatch of interview card and chance
card to the selected candidates – 26.08.2013 Monday
5 Date of Commencement of Interview and admission
of candidates. – 03.09.2013Tuesday
6 Date of publication of the second list of candidates, in
case, the list mentioned at (3) above is exhausted – 06.09.2013Friday
7 Date of dispatch of interview cards to the selected
candidates in the second list. – 07.09.2013Saturday
8 Date of interview for the candidates under second list 12.09.2013 Thursday
9. Date of admission and remittance of fee. On the same day on which the
candidate is interviewed and selected for admission
10. Date of commencement of Classes –  23.09.2013 Monday
11. Closing of Admission to the First Semester M.A/M.Sc/M.Com/ M.T.A/M.L.I.Sc. and Ist year BLISc courses-23.10.2013 Wednesday

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