About Us

The Department of Commerce is one of the unique and vibrant departments in AMAL College of Advanced Studies, Nilambur. We offer B.com with computer application. We have three permenant faculties, one part time law lecturer and one guest faculty in our department. A total of 161 students are studying in our department. Five bcom batches have been successfully passed out from our campus. our 8th batch (BC8) will be commencing from june 2012 onwards. Our sanctioned strength is 40 students with a likely marginal increase of 8 seats.

Our College Web site: www.amalcollege.org

Our Principal: Dr M Usman


Our mission is to create and constantly im-prove the learning environment by imparting value education, promoting social togetherness and exploring the technological innovations. We are committed to make our stu-dents competent enough to meet the challenges of the contemporary world. We have the following specific objec-tives for the year 2012-13

1. To provide a blend of learning, entertainment and values

2. To provide opportunities for every student to identify their strengths and skills.

3. To provide personalized guidance to students in their career planning

4. To ensure a free, transparent and effective system of internal assessment for students.

5. To fully unitize the art of information technology for imparting knowledge.


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