B.com Project Report Format and analysis tips

Now download a model for project report which shows the title page,  certificate, aknowledgement, declaration, contens, list of tables, list of charts, analysis and interpretations, findings, suggestions and conclusions.

Warning: It is just one of the model for a simple project that may help you in your project work.

Download a model synopsis with instructions for writing it (New)

Download Project format/Certificates

Header, Footer & Page No Model (Use different odd and even page headers and footers)

Chart style for black and white print (Use pie explosion to leave gap beteween diffrent part of a chart to see seperately in print out)

Analysis and Interpretations ( a model when secondary data is used)

findigs, suggestions ( a model when secondary data is used)

Download Model synopsis

Text formatting tips

font size should be 12 for heading, sub heading and text. for headings use bolded capital letters with underline. for sub headings use bolded Sentence case with underline.

Read more on project

s6 project: Model questionnaire and second chapter.

synopsis presentation- model ppt

a sample synopsis  (project proposal)

S6 Project: Topic Selection Instructions

B.com project and viva voce:


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